Agrotech C-No Insects ~ Anti Insects

With the Agrotech C-No Insects you have a remedy against spider mites, thrips and mosquitoes by means of a static field.

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See No Insects!

With the Agrotech C-No Insects, you have the new method for controlling spider mites, thrips and sciarid flies. This product is a natural and non-toxic pesticide that creates a static field which disrupts every part of the insect life cycle. Your crop will be insect free within 72 hours and it also eliminates fungi, bacteria and viruses.

C-No Insects is a ready to use foliar spray that is 100% effective, besides being 100% effective this product is also 100% natural and not harmful to humans and the environment. Insects cannot become resistant to the static charge.

Use of C-No Insects

  • Spray the entire plant, from the top layer to the top layer of the culture medium
  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Fill your spray tank
  • Spray your crop 15 minutes before lights out
  • Do not use C-No Insects more than 2 times per week
  • Wear protective clothing as a precaution
  • C-No Insects can be used on any crop
  • Store at room temperature

Ingredients: 94% water, 3% Calcium, 2% rosehip emulsifier and 1% citric acid.

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Agrotech Agrotech C-No Insects ~ Anti Insects
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