A.R.T.S Bio-Granules ~ Nematodes & Larvae Control

With the A.R.T.S Bio-Granules you have a natural product for the control against in the soil living harmful nematodes.

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Controls on soil-living nematodes with A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules

With A.R.T.S Bio-Granules, you have a natural product for the control of soil-living harmful nematodes. This product breaks the life cycle (eggs and larval stages) of soil-dwelling harmful nematodes (Meloidogyne, Pratylenchus, earth caterpillar, emelt, centipede, woodlouse, carrot fly, earth flea and sciara fly) and in Hydro culture the springtails and carrot aphids. To break the cycle properly and for best results, you must use the pesticide Bio-Granules in combination with APHIDS-0. Bio-Granules kills the eggs and larvae, and Aphids-0 the Sciarid flies (Sciaridae).

Application and dosage

  • 1 kg Bio-Granules is sufficient for approximately 25 m2 and or 1 gram per 1.95 liters of substrate.
  • Preventive: Mix 1 tablespoon Bio-Granules through your potting soil/coco before planting. (Wear plastic gloves). For established plants, sprinkle on the soil and soak and/or water. Repeat after 4 weeks.
  • Corrective: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon over your pots and work in as well as possible, then water at the top (with or without nutrition).
  • With Hydro: Bio-Granules out of the package and put it in a pantyhose or nylon sock, knot it and put it in your nutrient tank or hang it up, it should stay moist to wet. Keep stirring well while watering.
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