A.R.T.S Root Rot 250ml ~ Root Rot Control

With the A.R.T.S Root Rot you have a plant enhancer that provides natural resistance to Pythium and Phytophthora aka root rot.

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Biological control of root rot with A.R.T.S.

With A.R.T.S. Root Rot you have a plant enhancer that provides a natural resistance against Pythium and Phytophthora or root rot. Through this product, the production of new roots is forced and the disease pressure decreases. The active ingredient in this product is Elicitor which, together with other natural extracts, initiates the self-defense process. In case of a fungal infection, your crop will defend itself by producing substances that are lethal to the fungi, in addition, plant growth and root growth are stimulated by the natural extracts.

This product is intended as a spray and can be applied both preventively and correctively. Preventive spraying of your crop means that you spray your crop in an early stage and thus prevent an infestation, corrective is simply putting a correction when the infestation has already broken out. A.R.T.S. Root Rot works both when spraying your crop and when adding it to the nutrient tank.

Application and dosage

  • Corrective: Mix 50 ml Root Rot with 1 liter of water and spray this mixture on your plants, repeat after 1 to 2 weeks. Give any remaining spray liquid to the plants with your nutrition.
  • Preventive: prepare 25 ml root rot with 1 liter of water, immerse the roots of the plant in this for a while (in-out). Planting the plants. These are now protected against root rot for the first 6 weeks, provided the cultivation is not too wet.
  • 1 liter of spray liquid is enough for about 10 m2.
  • Spray just before sunrise or sunset, not in bright sunlight.
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