A.R.T.S Spired 250ml ~ Spider Mite Control

With the A.R.T.S Spired you have a biological pesticide against Spider Mite or Spider mite.

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Biological spider mite control with the A.R.T.S. Spired

With the A.R.T.S Spired, you have an organic pesticide against Spider Mites or Spider Mites. This product has the ability to dissolve not only the spider mites, but also the webs and eggs of mites, thereby suppressing the population of the spider mite. 

This product is intended as a spraying agent and can be applied both preventively and correctively. Preventive spraying of your crop means that you spray your crop in an early stage and thus prevent an infestation, corrective is simply putting a correction after the infestation has already broken out.

A.R.T.S. Spired is absorbed by the leaves of your crop and has a translaminar effect, by sucking and eating the leaves, the active ingredient is absorbed by the spider mite and thus become inactive. In addition, Spired also works by contact, this will also inactivate the spider mite. Once the spider mite is inactive, the mites are no longer able to feed and for females infertility occurs, resulting in death.

Application and Dosage

  • Corrective: Mix 50 ml SPIRED with 1 liter of lukewarm water or the whole bottle on 5 liters of lukewarm water, shake the mixed product well first under the leaves and then over the plants spray.
  • Preventive: mix 25 ml SPIRED on 1 liter lukewarm water, shake well and every 2 weeks spray first under and then over the plants.
  • 1 liter of spray liquid is sufficient for approx. 10 m2
    Just before the sun rises or sets, so not in very bright sunlight.
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