BioQuant Bio Foliar 1 - 250ml

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For treatment of young plants (seedlings and cuttings) to mild-moderate infections of specific spider mite (type A, B and C), thrips, whitefly, fungus gnats and louses....More information
Product information

    Bioquant for all pests

    For treatment of young crops (cuttings and seedlings) against mild-moderate infections of specific spider mites (types A, B and C), thrips, whitefly, fern flyworm and aphids. Vegetable extract for preventive and curative leaf treatment of young crops. Contains agents to promote and stimulate the plant immune system.

    • Fights.
    • Rapid repair of the blade from damage.
    • Long-term protection against reinfections.


    • Pure organic organic and without chemical pesticides.
    • Safe for plants and vertebrates.
    • Dilution indicative 1: 20 (50 ml. Per liter) 5 liters of working solution for 10 m2

    Usage & Application Foliar 1

    Bio Foliar 1 is used for the detection of spider mites (type A, B, or C) and thrips, fern mosquito, whitefly and aphids.

    It can also be used preventively.

    Prepare a spray solution with the concentrated solution with dilution 1: 20 (50 ml. In 1 liter of water)

    Do not add pesticides or fertilizers.

    Spray the leaves and stems with a fine mist under low brightness

    A wetting agent is not necessary.

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    BioQuant  BioQuant Bio Foliar 1 - 250ml
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