BioQuant Bio Foliar 3 - 250ml

For treatment of young plants (seedlings and cuttings) to mild-moderate infections of Pythium, Fusarium and many rust fungi and smut....More information
Product information

    Bioquant for small and large pests

    For treatment of young crops (cuttings and seedlings) against mild-moderate infections of pythium, fusarium and many rust and fire fungi. Vegetable extract for preventive and curative leaf treatment of young crops.

    Contains agents to promote and stimulate the plant immune system.

    • Fights.
    • Rapid repair of the blade from damage.
    • Long-term protection against reinfections.


    • Pure organic organic and without chemical pesticides.
    • Safe for plants and vertebrates.
    • Dilution indicative 1:20 (50 ml. Per liter) 5 liters working solution for 10 m2


    Use & Application Bio Foliar 3

    Bio Foliar 3 is used for the observation of pythium, fusarium and many rust and fire fungi.

    It can also be used preventively.

    Prepare a spray solution with the concentrated solution with dilution 1: 20 (50 ml. In 1 liter of water)

    Do not add pesticides or fertilizers. Spray the leaves and stems with a fine mist under low brightness.

    A wetting agent is not necessary.

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