BioQuant Bio Foliar Immulon Ison - 250ml

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Systemic preventive treatment against leaf chewing caterpillars, aphids, bugs, flea beetles, gracillariidae, leaf rollers, cabbage root fly, carrot fly, beet fly, root beetle, root flea beetles, thrips, leek moth, midge, pea pod borer, corn rootworm, marg...More information
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    Bioquant for every pest

    Systemic preventive treatment against leaf-eating caterpillars, aphids, bugs, fleas, leafminers, leaf rollers, cabbage fly, carrot fly, beet fly, beet beetle, beet fleas, thrips, leek moth, cabbage ridge, pea pod borer, mas root beetle, leaf beetle and potato beetle. tryptophan / isopentyl acetate from banana

    Bio-parallel continuous plant protection with concentrated agents of plant-own substances (Saponins) for ornamental and consumer cultivation

    Bio-parallel plant protection is a very good and safe alternative to the toxic pesticides currently used in agriculture and horticulture.


    Use & Application Bio Foliar Immulon Ison

    Applicable as a preventive and for detecting parasites.

    Dilute 1: 50

    Spray the plants completely or immerse them weekly under low brightness.

    • Non-toxic to humans and vertebrates
    • May be toxic to aquatic environment
    • Fully and quickly degradable
    • Applicable in consumer and ornamental crops

    Preferably use protective agents.

    Allergic reactions may occur with skin contact and consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

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    BioQuant  BioQuant Bio Foliar Immulon Ison - 250ml
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