HOMEbox Ambient Q150+ (plus) - 150x150x220cm ~ Grow tent

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The HOMEbox Q150+ grow tent not only perfectly fills the gap between the Q120 and the Q200+, but also gives you new possibilities in terms of height....More information
Product information
  • Article number: 230708


The HOMEbox Q150+ grow tent not only perfectly fills the gap between the Q120 and the Q200+, but also gives you new possibilities in terms of height. With its 2.2 meters height your plants now have even more space to grow outside themselves - for optimal harvest results in your living room! For optimum lighting 1000W grow lights are ideal, they provide your favorites perfectly and make optimal use of the 2.25 m2 floor space.

Advantages of the HOMEbox Q150+

  • Tubes:
    • + 4x 100 mm
    • + 2x 200 mm
    • + 2x 250 mm
    • + 1x 300 mm
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: 2x Ø 250 mm
  • MicroMesh insect screen with 700 μm mesh size
  • Sturdy metal frame (Ø 22 mm) with strong plastic connectors
  • Maximum load: up to 75 kg
  • Recommended lighting: 1000 W
  • Basis for successful growing
  • Developed in Germany
  • Robust and easy-care materials
  • Removable, waterproof base element
  • Optimum reflective PAR+ inner coating
  • Total-Blackout zippers: light-tight zippers


German quality

The HOMEbox is of high German quality, which guarantees a long lifespan through the use of sturdy, heat and water resistant materials. This grow tent is the perfect environment for a successful and safe cultivation and ideal for growing on earth.

Because of the water resistant floor, the pots can be placed directly on the floor. The Homebox gives your plants, when used in combination with the recommended materials, an ample standing height. This turns the space in which you place this grow tent into a professional grow room.

All parts of this grow tent are replaceable. The HOMEbox is provided with loops for the inlets and outlets, ventilation windows and a thick, reflective PE lining. The frame consists of a metal structure equipped with a click-proof, strong corner lock. Once connected, the grow tent is practically light-tight and therefore completely sealed. The durable stitched-in zippers are, as usual, the trademark of the HOMEbox products.

With the high-tech PAR+ lining, developed exclusively for HOMEbox, you guarantee more growth-promoting energy (PAR light) and less heat reflecting on the plants.

The Omniflow-AIRVENT allows growers to actively conduct direct incoming fresh air exactly where it is needed - for maximum benefit to the crop.

TOTAL-BLACKOUT ZIPPERS creates a light-tight seal without additional flaps and Velcro.





Product specifications
  • Article number: 230708
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 220 cm
  • Growth surface: 2.25 m2
  • Tube A: 4x 100 mm
  • Tube B: 2x 200 mm
  • Tube C: 2x 250 mm
  • Tube D: 1x 300 mm
  • Maximum capacity: 75kg
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: 2x Ø 250 mm
  • Lightproof:
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