Hortifit AquaClean 5ltr - Root Starter 5ltr ~ Combo Deal

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With this combo deal you have the ideal start for your cuttings....More information
Product information

    What is Hortifit Aqua Clean?

    With the Hortifit Aqua Clean you have a cleaning agent that kills harmful bacteria and fungi. These harmful influences are killed by means of positively charged silver particles (Colloidal Silver). Aqua Clean is harmless to benign organisms. In combination with Hortifit Root Starter, Aqua Clean is the ideal start for your cuttings to prevent phytophthora and fusarium. These bad influences cause stem rot, yellowing and glassy roots.

    What is Hortifit Root Starter?

    The Hortifit Root Starter gives you the ideal start for taking cuttings from your crop. This product makes planting cuttings on rock wool, coconut or soil plugs very easy. All you have to do is to dip the plugs in a solution of water with root starter and insert the cutting into the plug. This will start the root growth and if necessary repeat the dipping again. Thanks to the 'pH perfect' technology you do not need to adjust the pH or use any cutting powder.

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    Hortifit Hortifit AquaClean 5ltr  - Root Starter 5ltr ~ Combo Deal
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