Hortimol MG8 LED - 660 Watt FSM+

With the Hortimol MG8 LED, you have 660 watts of LED panel specifically designed to illuminate medium to large spaces....More information
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Hortimol MG8 LED - 660 Watt FSM+

With the Hortimol MG8 LED you have a 660 Watt dimmable LED panel that is specially designed to illuminate medium to large spaces. In addition to achieving very good performance, this lamp is also very ergonomically designed, you can quickly and easily install the lamp and it is easy to transport because it is foldable. With a passive cooling system and multiple LED strips, this LED panel provides an exposure of 150x150cm.

Full Spectrum Mixed - FSM

This spectrum is specially developed to mimic the light of the sun. With a very natural energy distribution this panel contains high levels of red 660 and blue 450. With these ratios it is as if your plants are under a constant burning sun, but without excess heat.

With its unparalleled energy balance, this spectrum is not only able to saturate chlorophyll A and B for photosynthesis, but also to stimulate at the highest level the secondary light-sensitive metabolic pathways that can play an important role during reproduction. It is therefore easier than ever to keep genetics stable from generation to generation under artificial light.

Natural Light

An advantage of this panel is the natural reproduction of colors that this lamp offers, Hortimol has managed to bring the energy levels to the highest in all frequency ranges of the spectrum, with this it offers a color temperature of 3200K and a CRI 85. With these specifications your plants will have the same color as if they were under normal sunlight.


With the new FSM+ spectrum you have even more energy around red for even more versatility. Hortimol developed this new spectrum with the goal of increasing yields during flowering without any change in CRI characteristics. This results in the fastest growing plants with exceptional rooting followed by abundant flowering, all under one light!


Spectrum:FSM (Full Spectrum Mixed)Efficiency:2.5 µmol/y
PPF:1650 µmol/sVoltage:220-230V, 50-60Hz
Current:4.6APower consumption:660 Watt
Footprint:150x150cmLED chips:OSRAM LED, Sunribio IR, LM-80
L70 rating:>78000 hL90 rating:>54000 h
IP rating:IP65Certification:ETL, DLC, UL8800, CE
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Hortimol Hortimol MG8 LED - 660 Watt FSM+
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