Clip Fans

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Garden HighPro Garden HighPro ProFan - Clipfan
    The Garden HighPro ProFan Clipfan is made to last longer and be mouse quiet!

    - 5Watt (15cm)
    - 12Watt (20cm)
    - 15Watt (15cm)...
    Secret Jardin Secret Jardin Monkey Fan
      With the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan you can provide your grow room with a fresh breeze.

      Available in: 16 Watt | 20 Watt Oscillating | 30 Watt....
      RAM RAM Clip-on-monkeyfan
        A versatile clip-on fan extra ventilation. The airflow from a fan mimics a natural breeze similar to what plants would experience growing outside.

        Fertraso Fertraso Tent Fan 15cm + clamp
          Tent Fan 15cm. Easy to attach throughout a clamp. The fan has one stand and is easy to assemble. This fan is very safe in use....