CMH Lighting

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Lumatek Lumatek CDM Grow Lamp 315W 4200K
    The Lumatek 4200K CDM 315W pulse start lamp has been developed for use with the Lumatek 315W CDM electronic ballast. The high-quality ceramic technolo...
    Prima Klima Prima Klima Sunkraft CMH 315 Watt
      With the Prima Klima Sunkraft CMH 315 Watt you have a CMH lamp grow light or Ceramic Halide Grow Light....
      Lucilu Lucilu CMH Set 315 Watt
      Lucilu CMH Set 315 Watt
        With the Lucilu CMH Set, you have a complete CMH lighting set that includes a Lucilu ballast, Sunkraft CMH lamp and reflector....
        Lumatek Lumatek CDM Bloom Lamp 315W 3100K
          This lamp is made of high-quality ceramic technology and special horticultural gas mixtures, giving you an optimal spectral result, resulting in a nat...