Hesi Coco

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Hesi Hesi Coco
Hesi Coco
    With the Hesi Coco you have growth and bloom nutrition in one bottle for growing on cocos.

    Available in: 1 liter and 5 liter....
    Hesi Hesi TNT-Complex
      With the Hesi TNT-Complex you have a very powerful growth nutrient for cultivation on soil or cocos.

      Available in: 500ml | 1 liter | 5 liter....
      Hesi Hesi PK 13-14
        With the Hesi PK 13-14 you have a bloom enhancer that supplements the need for phosphorus and potassium in the flowering phase.

        Available in: 500m...
        Hesi Hesi Starterbox
          With the Hesi Starterbox you have all the plant nutrition for a complete cultivation cycle of approximately 1m2.

          Available in: Soil | Coco | Hydro....