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Plagron Plagron Batmix
    Plagron Batmix is composed of the best and very carefully selected peat species. Due to the rich addition of worm manure and bat manure, this soil con...
    Plagron Plagron Starter Set
    Plagron Starter Set
      With the Plagron Starter Set you have all the nutrients for growing one plant, this starter set contains the basic nutrition of Plagron plus the power...
      Plagron Plagron Alga Bloom
      Plagron Alga Bloom
        Alga Bloom is used in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic nutrient specially designed for growing on soil.

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        Plagron Plagron Top Grow Box
          With the Plagron Top Grow Box you have everything you need for growing on 1m2. The Plagron Top Grow Box contains all basic nutrients, additives and th...
          Plagron Plagron Royalmix
            Plagron Royalmix is composed of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. By adding various types of fiber and perlite reaches a lightness and oxy...
            Plagron Plagron Alga Grow
            Plagron Alga Grow
              Alga Grow is an organic basic food for cultivation on 100% natural peat substrates. Alga Grow is used in the growth phase of the plant.

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              Plagron Plagron Easy Pack
                In addition to the Top Grow Box and the Starter Set, Plagron has now added another composite package to its product range....
                Plagron Plagron Allmix
                  Plagron Allmix is composed of the finest, carefully selected peat.

                  Available: 50ltr...
                  Plagron Plagron Promix
                    Plagron Promix is composed of the finest, carefully selected types of peat . By adding various types of fiber to achieve a lightness and oxygen level ...