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Plagron Plagron Green Sensation
Plagron Green Sensation
    Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful booster that guarantees the highest yield on all breeding styles. 4 actions in 1 bottle. Green Sensation improve...
    Plagron Plagron Power Roots
      With the Plagron Power Roots you have a root stimulator that can be used in the growth phase and the first weeks of flowering.

      Available: 100ml | 2...
      Plagron Plagron Sugar Royal
        With the Plagron Sugar Royal you enhance the natural scent and taste of the end product of your crop.

        Available: 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1ltr | 5l...
        Plagron Plagron Terra Grow
          Terra Grow is a very concentrated mineral base nutrient, to be used in the growing phase of the plant.

          Available: 100ml | 1ltr | 5ltr...
          Plagron Plagron Alga Bloom
          Plagron Alga Bloom
            Alga Bloom is used in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic nutrient specially designed for growing on soil.

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            Plagron Plagron Starter Set
            Plagron Starter Set
              With the Plagron Starter Set you have all the nutrients for growing one plant, this starter set contains the basic nutrition of Plagron plus the power...
              Plagron Plagron Pure Zym
              Plagron Pure Zym
                With the Plagron Pure Enzym you have a soil improver based on natural enzymes.

                Available: 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1ltr | 5ltr...
                Plagron Plagron Top Grow Box
                  With the Plagron Top Grow Box you have everything you need for growing on 1m2. The Plagron Top Grow Box contains all basic nutrients, additives and th...
                  Plagron Plagron PK 13-14
                    With the Plagron PK 13-14 you have a mineral fertilizer that provides your crop with extra phosphorus and potassium during the flowering phase. Ensure...
                    Plagron Plagron Start Up
                      With the Plagron Start Up you have a composite nutrition for the growth phase of your crop, this product supplies all the nutrients for the first cruc...
                      Plagron Plagron Alga Grow
                      Plagron Alga Grow
                        Alga Grow is an organic basic food for cultivation on 100% natural peat substrates. Alga Grow is used in the growth phase of the plant.

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                        Plagron Plagron Fish Force
                        Plagron Fish Force
                          With the Plagron Fish Force you have a natural nutrition for plants in the growth phase based on fish.

                          Available: 500ml | 1ltr | 5ltr...