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Plagron Plagron Alga Bloom
Plagron Alga Bloom
    Alga Bloom is used in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic nutrient specially designed for growing on soil.

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    Plagron Plagron Starter Set
    Plagron Starter Set
      With the Plagron Starter Set you have all the nutrients for growing one plant, this starter set contains the basic nutrition of Plagron plus the power...
      Plagron Plagron Pure Zym
        With the Plagron Pure Enzym you have a soil improver based on natural enzymes....
        Plagron Plagron Alga Grow
        Plagron Alga Grow
          Alga Grow is an organic basic food for cultivation on 100% natural peat substrates. Alga Grow is used in the growth phase of the plant.

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          Plagron Plagron Fish Force
          Plagron Fish Force
            With the Plagron Fish Force you have a natural nutrition for plants in the growth phase based on fish....