Plastic Pots

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Plastic pot - Square
    Plastic square pot available in:

    - 7x7x8cm(0.25ltr)
    - 9x9x10cm (0.5ltr)
    - 15x15x15cm(3ltr)
    - 17.5x17.5x23cm(5ltr)
    - 20x20x25cm(7ltr)
    - 25x25x2...
    Supreme Supreme AirMaxx
      Using the AirMaxx pots will prevent root deformation, chignoning and root rot....
      Karoo Karoo Green Wall
        With the Karoo Green Wall, you can add a "touch of green" to your space both horizontally and vertically.

        Available in: Gray & White....
        Terra Aquatica (T.A) ~ GHE Terra Aquatica - GHE Netcups
          With the Terra Aquatica - GHE Netcups, you have plastic net cups designed for use in aeroflos systems.

          Available in: 5cm | 7.5cm | 15cm....
          Air Rap pot 8ltr Op=Op
            Air Rap has a revolutionary design that provides huge improvements to the root system. The quality of the root system and its development will receive...
            Plastic Pot - Round
              Plastic round pot available in:

              - ø22x26cm(7ltr)
              - ø29x23(10ltr)
              - ø30.5x26.5cm(15ltr)
              - ø38x25cm(20ltr)
              - ø40x27cm(25ltr)...