Hesi Soil

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Hesi Hesi Bloom Complex
    With the Hesi Bloom Complex you have complete bloom nutrition for cultivation on earth, this product increases the phosphorus and potassium content th...
    Hesi Hesi Starterbox
      With the Hesi Starterbox you have all the plant nutrition for a complete cultivation cycle of approximately 1m2.

      Available in: Soil | Coco | Hydro....
      Hesi Hesi Phosphor Plus
        With the Hesi Phosphor Plus you provide your crop with extra phosphorus and potassium in the flowering phase.

        Available in: 500ml | 1 liter | 5 li...
        Hesi Hesi TNT-Complex
          With the Hesi TNT-Complex you have a very powerful growth nutrient for cultivation on soil or cocos.

          Available in: 500ml | 1 liter | 5 liter....
          Hesi Hesi Pack
          Hesi Pack
            With the Hesi Pack Soil you have the minimum required plant nutrition to help a few plants through the growth and flowering cycle, whether you grow in...