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With Biobizz Alg·A·Mic, you come to the rescue of your crop when there is over-feeding, deficiencies, diseases or fluctuations in temperature.

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The 100% organic way to make plants less stressed and more productive

The Biobizz Alg-a-Mic comes to the rescue of your crop when there is over-feeding, deficiencies, disease or fluctuations in temperature. With stress-free, happy plants, your crop will start producing more fruits or flowers. In addition, Alg-A-Mic creates very green leaves by stimulating the uptake of chlorophyll.

Seaweed extracts in Alg-A-Mic 

Seaweed has been harvested as food, medicine and fertilizer since 3000 BC. Alg-A-Mic is made from a seaweed concentrate that is extracted by cold pressing, rather than with chemical solvents, this makes it high quality and 100% organic! This high level of natural nutrition provides the entire spectrum of a plant's needs, resulting in lush green foliage.


alg-a-mic features


How to use it.

Alg-A-Mic is a revitalizing product that contains a low NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) content - making it impossible to overdose.

It can be added to any substrate during the flowering and growth period.

Dose of 1-4 ml Alg-A-Mic per 1 liter of water to be measured, but follow our official nutrient schedule for best results


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BioBizz Biobizz Alg·A·Mic
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