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The Biobizz Leaf-coat protects your crop after being misted with a natural latex that forms a protective layer on the leaves.

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Product information

    100% biological protection against pests and temperature fluctuations

    Leaf-Coat is a ready-to-use product that strengthens the plant and protects it from harmful insects and fungi. Leaf-Coat is made of natural latex developed to stop evaporation. Within hours of application, a thin protective layer forms on the leaves, offering resistance to outside influences, yet it allows air and light to pass through unrestricted.

    Why Leaf-Coat?

    When it gets too hot and humid (over 28ºC), Leaf-Coat helps prevent the plant from losing too much water through evaporation. At the same time, the natural latex layer formed around the leaves helps the plant to breathe and prevents the plant from "sweating". When temperatures drop, such as during the winter months, Leaf-Coat protects against the cold by helping to maintain leaf temperature.

    Leaf-Coat is very suitable and safe as an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides. Unlike synthetic and toxic products, it has a pleasant smell, and does not irritate. Because Leaf-Coat is not absorbed by the leaves, it also does not affect the taste of the fruit.


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    How to use the Leaf-Coat spray from Biobizz?

    It is not necessary to mix Leaf-Coat with water - just apply directly from the bottle with a sprayer. Spray the leaves and flowers completely and repeat about twice a week until fourteen days before the end of the flowering period.

    Within a few hours of application, a very thin elastic layer forms on the leaves. Its beneficial effects last for up to two weeks, until it is broken down naturally by light or sunlight.


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    BioBizz Biobizz Leaf·coat
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