Biogreen Thermo2Digital - Summer / Winter Thermostat

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The ideal climate controller for your hobby breeding. Because of its double function, the thermostat can be used to control a heater in winter and a fan in summer....More information
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Thermo2Digital - Save even more energy with electronic control!

Whether heating, ventilating or cooling - the "Thermo2Digital" thermostat from Bio Green is your ideal controller for all climate systems. Set the temperature and, for example, directly control the electric heating or the heating cable of your breeding station via the thermostat.

All in one

With the cabinet thermostat "Thermo2Digital" you can even cool your greenhouse while the recirculation function helps you to prevent dew. Get now our all-in-one thermostat for your greenhouse - of course in the usual Bio Green quality.


  • ✅  Ready to plug in
  • ✅  Provides heat when cold and ventilation in the heat
  • ✅  Thermostat 1 for cooling in summer
  • ✅  Thermostat 2 for heating in winter
  • ✅  Function 1 for fans in summer
  • ✅  Function 2 for heating in winter
  • ✅  Adjustment range -50 to + 99 ° C
  • ✅  Robust and digital display
  • ✅  1.5 m (approx 5 ft) temperature sensor cable length
  • ✅  Incl. Schuko socket
  • ✅  Thermostat for all heating or cooling units or fans
  • ✅  Up to 3000 W / 10 240 BTUs power adjustable
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