Blumat watering system set - 12 pcs(3mtr) / 40 pcs(10mtr)

Unit price: €50,73 / Piece
With the Blumat watering system, the plant is automatically supplied with water according to individual needs.

- 12 pcs(3mtr)
- 40 pcs(10mtr)...More information
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    Tropf system

    In Blumat automatic irrigation system and to individual needs of the plant with water. Whether this is an outdoor, greenhouse or indoor plant is, with the system Blumat your plants always grow and flourish abundantly. Even if you're on vacation.


    How does Blumat work?


    No digital meters
    No time switches
    Dryness of the soil
    determines water release
    Never too much water
    Water & environment saving


    Blumat The system works through a membrane that have been pressure valve opens. When the soil is moist enough and creates a pressure valve automatically closes the membrane. This way you will always be relegated to a constant moisture of the soil. Important here is the installation process, so you can individually adjust each membrane to the needs of the plant. This is done by a set screw on the membrane you can set the humidity.

    By using natural elements Blumat system works very simply and reliably. The membrane is constructed from terra cotta in the shape of a cone. Terracotta has the property that it is a porous material that lets water through. The exact composition of porosity and thickness is the issue of water to the ground always optimally.

    Contents 3mtr 12-piece:

    • 12x Blumat membranes
    • 7x gauge supply hose
    • 1x Pressure Reducing Darken
    • 1x angle connectors 8mm
    • 1x Endpiece 8mm
    • 1x T-pieces 8mm
    • 1x Barrel transit 8mm
    Contents 10mtr 40-piece:
    • 40x Blumat membranes
    • 15x gauge supply hose
    • 1x Pressure Reducing Darken
    • 2x angle connectors 8mm
    • 2x End pieces 8mm-3mm
    • 2x T-pieces 8mm
    • 2x connector 8mm

    Verteiltropfer - Tropf-Blumat



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