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Bestron Bestron Fan heater AFH211W
    With the Bestron Fan heater AFH211W you have an electric heater with a maximum capacity of 2000 watts....
    Bestron Bestron Boxfan
    Bestron Boxfan
      With the Bestron Box fan, you have a durable, reliable and low-noise fan that includes a timer in addition to a copper-wound motor....
      Bestron Bestron Retro Desk Fan
      Bestron Retro Desk Fan
        With the Bestron Retro Desk Fan, you have a robust and stable table fan with 3 speed settings and a swivel function.

        Available in: Mint | White | B...
        Bestron Bestron Floor Fan
        Bestron Floor Fan
          The Bestron Floor Fan is manufactured with powerful, aerodynamic fan blades and a high-quality copper-wound motor.

          Available in: 35cm - 55 Watt & 4...
          Bestron Bestron wall fan with remote control
            With the Bestron wall fan with remote control, you have a fan with a diameter of 40 cm that can be easily attached to the wall and operated with a rem...
            Bestron Bestron ASV45ZR Standing fan with remote control & timer
              With the Bestron ASV45ZR Standing Fan, you have a standing swinging fan that features a timer and can be operated by remote control....