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BioGreen BioGreen CO2 Tabs
BioGreen CO2 Tabs
    With BioGreen CO2 Tabs you have effervescent tablets that deliver carbon dioxide(CO2) directly to the roots of your crop.

    Available in: 100 pieces....
    BioGreen BioGreen pH- Bloom
    BioGreen pH- Bloom
      With the BioGreen pH Min Bloom you have a PH regulator that can lower the pH value of your nutrient solution during the flowering phase of your crop. ...
      BioGreen BioGreen Calgel
      BioGreen Calgel
        With the BioGreen Calgel you have a fully soluble high quality additive that consists of a high dose of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

        BioGreen BioGreen Bio 2 Bloom
        BioGreen Bio 2 Bloom
          With the BioGreen Bio 2 Bloom you have a high-quality one-component fertilizer that has been specially developed for the flowering phase of your crop....
          BioGreen BioGreen pH+
          BioGreen pH+
            With the BioGreen PH Plus you have a PH regulator that can increase the PH value of your nutrient solution. A correct PH value is important for your c...
            BioGreen BioGreen Flower Boost
            BioGreen Flower Boost
              With the BioGreen Flower Boost you have a powerful PK booster in powder form for the last stage of your crop.

              Available in: Box of 6 Bags....
              BioGreen BioGreen PK 13-14
              BioGreen PK 13-14
                With the BioGreen PK 13-14 you have a very effective early-flowering additive, this product has been formulated with the best raw materials after year...
                BioGreen BioGreen Biozym
                BioGreen Biozym
                  With the BioGreen Biozym you have a high-quality enzyme additive that consists of 24 important enzymatic complexes, in addition, various co-enzymes ha...
                  BioGreen BioGreen X-Force
                  BioGreen X-Force
                    With the BioGreen X-Force you have highly concentrated silicon in monomer form. Bio-Green X-Force has a positive effect on the growth, strength and re...
                    BioGreen BioGreen Lime+
                    BioGreen Lime+
                      With the BioGreen Lime + you have a PH regulator and a soil improver in one.

                      Available in: 5 kilograms....
                      BioGreen BioGreen X-Rooting
                      BioGreen X-Rooting
                        With the Bio-Green X-Rooting you have a highly concentrated organic root stimulator with humic acids, minerals and beneficial bacteria.

                        Available ...
                        BioGreen BioGreen Bio 1 Grow
                        BioGreen Bio 1 Grow
                          With the BioGreen Bio 1 Growth you have a high-quality one component fertilizer that has been specially developed for the growth phase of your crop.
                          BioGreen BioGreen X-Bloom
                          BioGreen X-Bloom
                            With the BioGreen X-Bloom you have a bloom stimulator that ensures explosive growth of the flowers or fruits.

                            Available in: 1 liter & 5 liter....
                            BioGreen BioGreen Hydro
                            BioGreen Hydro
                              With the BioGreen Hydro you have a complete two-part nutrition. This basic nutrient has been developed for use from the beginning of the vegetation pe...
                              BioGreen BioGreen X-Blast
                              BioGreen X-Blast
                                With the Bio-Green X-Blast you have developed a very powerful PK additive to maximize the performance of your crop in the final flowering phase.