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Cli-mate Cli-mate Frequency-Controller
    Frequency regulators are relatively new on the market. A frequency controller adjusts the frequency (Hz) to control the speed of the motor, using temp...
    Cli-mate Cli-mate VOI Box
    Cli-mate VOI Box
      With the Cli-mate VOI Box you have a relay box that can switch 4x600W or 8x600W.

      Available in: 4x600 Watt & 8x600 Watt....
      Cli-mate Cli-mate Climate Controller
        With the Cli-mate climate controller you have a temperature controlled electronic stepless analog speed controller.

        Available in: 7 Amp | 12 Amp | ...
        Cli-mate Cli-mate Fan Controller
        Cli-mate Fan Controller
          The Cli-mate Fan Controller AC series is a simple temperature controlled controller. The AC series provides excellent 2-step control of your suction o...
          Cli-mate Cli-mate Trafo Controller
          Cli-mate Trafo Controller
            The Transformer Controller TC series is a completely stepless, automatic temperature-controlled regulator.

            Available in: 1.5 Amps & 2.5 Amps....
            Cli-mate Cli-mate Mini-Controller Humi
              The Mini-Humi MH series is a Switch Cabinet, Climate Controller & Humidifier in 1

              - 2 x 600W + 3 Amp
              - 4 x 600W + 7 Amp...
              Cli-mate Cli-mate Twin Controller Humi
                With the Cli-mate Twin Controller Humi, you have a climate controller that not only provides the right temperature but also the right humidity.

                Cli-mate Cli-mate Mini-controller
                Cli-mate Mini-controller
                  A complete all in one controller from climate. The switchboard is able to start up and shut down the bulbs at a pre installed time.

                  - ...
                  Cli-mate Cli-mate Speed Controller
                    The Cli-mate Speed Controller is a simple controlled controller that allows you to regulate speed....
                    Cli-mate Cli-mate 5 speed controller
                      With the Cli-mate 5 position controller you have a manual 5 position speed controller.

                      Available in: 5A | 7A | 11A | 13A....
                      Cli-mate Cli-mate Twin Controller
                      Cli-mate Twin Controller
                        The Twin Controller from Cli-mate allows you to set the desired temperature of your fans individually.

                        Available in: 4+4 Amps & 12+12 Amps....
                        Cli-mate Cli-mate Smart Controller
                          The Smart Controller is a simple temperature controlled controller. The Cli-mate Smart-Controller perfectly controls your suction or press capacity in...
                          Cli-mate Cli-mate Multicontroller
                          Cli-mate Multicontroller
                            With the Cli-mate Multicontroller you have a temperature controlled Plug & Play electronic stepless analog speed controller.

                            Available in: 2x7 Amp ...
                            Cli-mate Cli-mate Total Controller
                            Cli-mate Total Controller
                              With the Cli-mate Total Controller, you have a temperature/humidity controlled plug & play electronic stepless and analog speed controller....
                              Cli-mate Cli-mate Temp Controller
                                With the Cli-mate Temp Controller you have a temperature controlled, plug & play, electronic, stepless and analog speed controller....
                                Cli-mate Cli-mate Humi Controller
                                  With the Cli-mate Humi Controller, you have a humidity-controlled, plug-and-play, electronic, stepless, and analog speed controller....