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DrFertigo DrFertigo Humitine | Organic Soil Upgrade |
    DrFertigo Humitine is a high quality soil improver that ensures optimal growth and health of the plants during the growth and flowering phase.

    DrFertigo DrFertigo Grow-Stop | Cell Stretch Inhibitor |
      DrFertigo Grow Stop is a cell stretch inhibitor that consists of plant hormones and is stabilized with organic components. DrFertigo Grow Stop keeps t...
      DrFertigo DrFertigo Starter package | Good start |
        DrFertigo Start-Grow |1| 1kg
        DrFertigo Grow-Bloom |2| 1kg
        DrFertigo Bloom-Finish |3| 1kg
        DrFertigo Humitine 5kg (free)
        DrFertigo Biodefe...
        DrFertigo DrFertigo BioDefender | Biological Defence |
          With the DrFertigo BioDefender you have a high-quality supplement that has been developed for the healthy development of your crop. DrFertigo BioDefen...
          DrFertigo DrFertigo Start-Grow | 1 |
            DrFertigo Start-Grow is a high quality bio-mineral nutrition specially developed for the growth phase of your crop.

            Available: 1kg | 5kg...
            DrFertigo DrFertigo Bloom-Finish | 3 |
              DrFertigo Bloom-Finish is a high quality bio-mineral nutrition developed with an increased (P) phosphorus + (K) potassium content that in the final st...
              DrFertigo DrFertigo Grow-Bloom | 2 |
                DrFertigo Grow-Bloom is a high quality bio-mineral nutrition that we have developed with an increased content of (N) nitrogen + (P) phosphorus that st...