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EUtech Instruments EUTech ECOtestr pH
EUTech ECOtestr pH
    This pH meter is accurate and easy to use. The range of this tester is from 0.0 to 14.0. This tester features auto-calibration, and is IP67 water resi...
    EUtech Instruments EUTech Calibration fluid 100ml
      EUTech Calibration Fluids allow you to calibrate your meters & testers to the correct values.

      Available in: EC 12.88 | EC 3.0 | EC 1.413 | pH 4.01 ...
      EUtech Instruments EUTech ECO EC testr high
        With the EUTech ECO EC testr high, you have an EC meter specifically designed to take electrochemical measurements....
        EUtech Instruments EUTech Expert pH
        EUTech Expert pH
          With the EUTech Expert pH, you have a waterproof pH meter with a pH range of 0 to 14....
          EUtech Instruments EUTech Expert CTS
          EUTech Expert CTS
            With the EUTech Expert CTS, you have a waterproof meter that measures your EC, TDS and salt value....