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F-Max F-Max Soil Upgrader
F-Max Soil Upgrader
    With the F-Max Soil Upgrader you breathe new life into your substrate. The micro-organisms, bacteria, minerals, lime, yeasts and stimulants present im...
    F-Max F-Max Top Factor
    F-Max Top Factor
      With the F-Max Top Factor you have a powerful bloom stimulator based on 20 Amino and L-amino acids.

      Available in: 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1 liter ...
      F-Max F-Max Final Kick
      F-Max Final Kick
        Final Kick is a highly advanced powerful bloom stimulator with clearly visible results. The use can lead to a weight gain of up to 30% in a healthy cr...
        F-Max F-Max Bug Killer
        F-Max Bug Killer
          F-Max Bug killer is a powerful spray contact insecticide based on potassium salt of fatty acids.
          Works against spider mites, thrips, whiteflies and a...
          F-Max F-Max Silicon treatment
          F-Max Silicon treatment
            With the F-Max Silicon treatment you have one of the strongest and purest silicon additives on the market.

            Available in: 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1...
            F-Max F-Max Essential Kick
            F-Max Essential Kick
              With the F-Max Essential Kick you have a specially developed bloom nutrient that has a very high purity and contains no ballast substances.

              F-Max F-Max Cleaner
              F-Max Cleaner
                With the F-Max Cleaner you have a cleaning agent for all your drip or cultivation systems.
                This product will clean the pipes and remove the bulking a...
                F-Max F-Max XL-Cel
                F-Max XL-Cel
                  With the F-Max XL-Cel you have a flowering and maturing stimulator that promotes the transport of sugars, resulting in more compact, sweeter, fragrant...
                  F-Max F-Max PK Boost
                  F-Max PK Boost
                    With the F-Max PK Boost you have a bloom stimulator based on phosphorus and potassium and is enriched with EDDHA-Fe.

                    Available in: 250ml | 1 liter...
                    F-Max F-Max Roots Expander
                    F-Max Roots Expander
                      With the F-Max Roots Expander you have a powerful root stimulator that accelerates the production of roots and hair roots.

                      Available in: 250ml | 1 ...
                      F-Max F-Max First Kick
                      F-Max First Kick
                        With the F-Max First Kick you have a nutrition that has been specially developed for the first 7 to 10 days of growing your crop.

                        Available in: Bo...
                        F-Max F-Max Amino Nutri Spray
                        F-Max Amino Nutri Spray
                          With the F-Max Amino Nutri Spray you have a unique dip and foliar nutrition made from L-amino acids and seaweed extracts.

                          Available in: 100ml & 250...
                          F-Max F-Max Garlic Bug Control
                            With the F-Max Garlic Bug Control you have a natural crop protection agent against spider mites, thrips and other sucking insects, mildew and other fu...
                            F-Max F-Max Enzyme
                            F-Max Enzyme
                              With the F-Max Enzyme you ensure a rapid decomposition of dead plant material and promote the biological balance.

                              Available in: 250nl | 1 liter | 5...
                              F-Max F-Max Royal
                              F-Max Royal
                                With the F-Max Royal A + B you have a highly concentrated, powerful bio-mineral growth and bloom nutrition for cultivation on Cocos, Hydro, Mapito and...
                                F-Max F-Max Royal Terra
                                F-Max Royal Terra
                                  With the F-Max Royal Terra 1 component you have a highly concentrated, powerful bio-mineral growth and flowering nutrition for cultivation on soil.

                                  F-Max F-Max pH- Bloom
                                  F-Max pH- Bloom
                                    F-Max pH-lowers the pH of your feed water by means of pure phosphoric acid. Extremely suitable for flowering plants.

                                    Available in: 1 liter....