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Fertraso Fertraso Dutch Master Trimmer
    The Dutch Master Trimmer is a unique trimming machine that distinguishes itself from the well-known tumble trimmer and Spinpro in several areas.

    Fertraso Fertraso Digital dimmable ballast - 600 Watt (660W Boost)
      Electronic ballast (EVSA) 600 watt from the Fertraso brand.

      - Digital dimmable ballast 600W (660W Boost)
      - Digital dimmable ballast 60...
      Fertraso Fertraso HPS Bulb 600W
      Fertraso HPS Bulb 600W
        With the Fertraso high-pressure sodium lamp you have a grow light that scores high on the price-quality ratio.

        Available in: 600 Watt....
        Fertraso Thermo- Hygrometer Digital (mini-maxi)
          Digital thermo / hygro meter. easy to read with min and max indication....
          Fertraso Dutch Master Cutting Blade
            Cutting Blade for the Dutch Master Trimmer...
            Fertraso Dutch Master Cutting Cross
              Cutting cross for the Dutch Master Trimmer...
              Fertraso Tent Fan 15cm + clamp
              Tent Fan 15cm + clamp
                Tent Fan 15cm. Easy to attach throughout a clamp. The fan has one stand and is easy to assemble. This fan is very safe in use....
                Fertraso Split Bamboo - 10 Pieces
                  With these wooden plant poles made of bamboo, you can easily support your crop, these poles do not mould thanks to a highly effective anti-fungal trea...
                  Fertraso Fertraso Pruning Shears
                    With the Fertraso Pruning Shears, you have a simple pruning shear that allows you to neatly trim your crop....
                    Fertraso Fertraso Megalux hammerhead reflector
                      Megalux Hamer hood is the deluxe version of the hamerkap. Because this cover also is optioned to the side of the reflectors allows for an even better ...