CO2BAG - Carbon Dioxide Bag

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The CO2Bag is a compact, affordable and reliable carbon dioxide provider for your plants. CO2 provides faster growth and ensures that fruit ripens faster, improving the taste and color....More information
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    Original CO2Bag - Carbon dioxide bag for indoor growing

    The CO2Bag is a compact, affordable and reliable carbon dioxide provider for your plants. CO2 accelerates growth and ripening of fruit, improving taste and color.
    Use the CO2Bag 2-3 weeks after planting the seeds. The CO2Bag produces carbon dioxide at temperatures above 18C(64F).

    Depending on the air circulation in the grow room, 1 CO2Bag produces enough CO2 for a 10m2 space for 1-3 months.

    With extra CO2, the plants can withstand temperatures 3-5C(5-9F) higher than normal. This ensures that the plants have more water and nutrients left. By giving more water, nutrients and light to the plants you maximize the effects of the CO2Bag.


    WHAT IS CO2?

    Carbon dioxide or CO2 is to plants what oxygen is to humans. All plants need CO2 to grow. The CO2Bag is a powerful and simple way to distribute CO2 in your Grow Room without overdosing.


    • The CO2Bag is very safe, but do not forget to read the safety instructions on the bag.
    • Make a few holes at the top of the bag, see the indicated circles on the bag. Puncture the bag completely, not just at the front or back. The more holes you make, the more CO2 will be released, but also the faster the bag will run out.
    • Hang the bag in a dry place higher than your plants, but not directly above them.
    • Hang the bag near a fan for optimal diffusion



    • Composition: NH4, HCO3
    • Weight: 150 g
    • Recyclable bag
    • Life span: 1-3 months

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    rifPosted on August 4, 2020 11:32

    dit is echt een topper, binnen 2 dagen zie je al dat het werk.

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