G-tools GT-125 2 Speed + K2601 220-360m3/h ~ Combo Deal

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With the G-Tools Combo Deal, you have a fan (extractor) and the corresponding filter for the best filtration of your space....More information
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Combo Deal from G-tools & Prima Klima

G-tools tube extractor

This extremely solid Prima Klima tube extractor is specially produced for G-tools.
Equipped with a Swiss-made MES AC motor, the fan is extremely quiet and economical.

The powerful motor experiences hardly any pressure loss when the air hose and a carbon filter are connected to the tube extractor. Like all other GT tube fans, the extractor comes with a convenient suspension bracket that makes it easy to mount in any position.

Ideal for ventilating rooms with 1 x 400 or 1x 600 Watt lamp.

15% extra airflow

The rotor blades provide 15% more airflow than ordinary fans, because they face backwards. In addition, they make the fan extremely quiet.

2 speed 220-400m3/hour

  • Flange diameter: 125 mm
  • Motor: EBM Pabst balanced motor
  • Power: 45-65 Watt, 0.3-0.5A
  • Housing: low-noise
  • Fan: 2 positions; position 1 - 220 m3 per hour
    Position 2 - 400 m3 per hour

Filter well with PRIMA KLIMA

The Prima Klima carbon filters are filled with active coconut carbon and the standard active coal. By using 2 different types of carbon the Prima Klima filters have become extremely efficient.

Coconut and coal

The active carbon of the filter removes all unwanted smells without causing a large capacity loss of the extractor, which makes it ideal for small spaces with small (tube) extractors. The average life span of the PK260 models is 1 year. The maximum temperature of the airflow is 70 C. The activated coconut carbon has many more microscopic pores compared to standard activated carbon. This allows a higher capacity to be realized with less carbon.

Flat version

The Flat version is the shorter and wider version of the PK2601 filter. With a height of 250mm compared to the standard version of 400mm this filter deserves the "Flat" designation.

This Combo Deal includes:

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G-Tools G-tools GT-125 2 Speed + K2601 220-360m3/h ~ Combo Deal
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