GrowMax Osmosis Systems ~ Reversed Osmosis

With the GrowMax Osmosis Systems you can easily make your own osmosis water.

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Osmosis Water without any value with the GrowMax Systems

With the GrowMax Osmosis Systems, you can easily make your own osmosis water. The process of reverse osmosis is designed for applications that require absolutely pure water. Examples include laboratories, hospitals (kidney dialysis), printing processes, car washes and as a basis for drinks such as beer and soft drinks. Of course, the more pure the water is, the better it is for the plant. The GrowMax systems are easy to connect with the supplied connection materials, GrowMax recommends replacing the water filter every 6 months or 40,000 liters.

The water is therefore already filtered before you add nutrients. A major advantage here is that the filtered water has a much lower EC value than the unfiltered water you get from the tap. This allows you to add more nutrients, making the plant much stronger, bigger and fuller. Pure water also provides a more stable PH value.

Advantages of the GrowMax System

  • Removes 99% chlorine and reduces sediment larger than 5 microns.
  • Removes 95% of dissolved salts, heavy metals and other potential contaminants.
  • Helps stabilize pH
  • Ideal for organic growing
  • Protects valuable soil microorganisms
  • Ensures maximum effectiveness of your nutrients
  • Healthy, lush plants
  • Large, heavy fruits

NOTE: These products have a longer delivery time due to a foreign supplier.

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