Supreme RootMaxx - Fabric pot | 3,78ltr ~ 75,6ltr

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Supreme RootMaxx pots are the best alternative to plastic growing pots due to optimal root aeration and moisture retention.

Available liters:
- 3.78
- 7.5
- 11.3
- 15
- 19
- 26.5
- 37.8
- 56.7
- 75.6...More information
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 Supreme RootMaxx - For healthy, vicorous plants

Supreme RootMaxx fabric pots are the best alternative to conventional plastic grow pots because of their optimum root aeration and moisture retention.

Why RootMaxx?

Roots stop growing when they come in contact with air. As a result, roots do not grow around the pot, but stop growing when they reach the wall. The roots continue their search in the pot itself and will therefore use all the food from the soil present. In this way, all the soil in the pot is fully utilized and it is possible to grow with less potting soil.

Plants prefer an airy substance outside of a plastic or stone flower pot. In full sun, the roots of a plastic pot can quickly become much too hot, especially since many of the roots have grown against the edges.

Stone or PVC pots take up a lot of space when not in use. A Rootmaxx grow bag can just be washed and folded and will not crack from freezing either.

Many plants are destroyed by the application of too much water. When using RootMaxx, this is impossible!


  • Promote air pruning of roots and eliminate circling of roots
  • Help improve root structure and mass
  • Aerate the root zone and help regulate temperature
  • The porous fabric provides excellent drainage that prevents over-watering
  • Can be used in Hydro systems! Water can penetrate the pot and be absorbed by the
  • medium.
  • Also work as a filter
  • The containers are flexible and can be folded and stored when not in use
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Supreme Supreme RootMaxx - Fabric pot | 3,78ltr ~ 75,6ltr
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