Spectro Light | HPS IRS

De Spectro light HPS IRS lamp blaast nieuw leven in de HPS lamp dankzij een dun laagje zilver (Internal Reflective Silver).

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Product information

    High Pressure Sodium, Internal Reflective Silver

    The Spectro light HPS IRS lamp breathes new life into the HPS lamp thanks to a thin layer of silver (Internal Reflective Silver), which refers to the internal reflector in the lamp. This means that the light does not need to be reflected by an external layer of aluminum before it reaches your plants.

    100% silver reflection

    The reflector, which is inside the lamp itself, consists of a layer of pure silver. Silver reflects 100% of the light where aluminum only reflects 93%.

    The improved shape of the Spectro light HPS IRS provides more heat management and therefore a longer lifespan, namely after 20.000 the light loss is only 10%.


    Control all HPS IRS lamps fully with the Spectro light MPH controller LZTKZQ-01.

    With the controller it is also possible to dim or simulate a sunrise just like with a modern LED.


    • 10% more light
    • Automatic control with controller
    • Longer lifespan
    • Cleaning reflector is no longer necessary
    • Bulbs fit most existing fixtures
    • Available in 400v and 230v.
    • Surface area:
      • 600W: 100cm x 100cm
      • 1000W: 50cm x 150cm
    Product specifications
    • --- GENERAL ---:
    • Input Volts (Voltage range ±10%): 230 V | 400 V
    • Mains frequency: 50/60Hz
    • THD: <10%
    • Crest factor: <1.7%
    • --- 600W ---:
    • Dimming type: Gear - 300 - 400 - 500 - 600 - 660 - EXT
    • Input power: 645W
    • Input current: 2.80A
    • Weight: 4.8kg
    • --- 1000W ---:
    • Dimming type: Gear - 600 - 700 - 825 - 1000 - 1150 - EXT
    • Input power: 1040W
    • Input current: 4.52A
    • Weight: 5kg
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    Spectro Light Spectro Light | HPS IRS
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