VENTS Fan incl. filter with silencer

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The VENTS fan in this combination set cools lighting systems up to 250 Watt and is therefore very suitable for use in small grow boxes and tents....More information
Product information

    Mini fan + filter + silencer

    Our small VENTS extractor is ideal for small growing spaces and cools lighting systems up to 250 watts.

    The outlet side of our G-Tools silencer ensures silent exhaust and filtered air.


    The VENTS extractor is connected to a Prima Klima K2600 mini carbon filter and has a maximum capacity of 240 m3 per hour.

    The VENTS extractor makes noise up to a maximum of 40DB! this is because the silencer consists of a metal tube wrapped in sound absorbing stone woolen shell. This is slid over the extractor, hence a minimal noise!

    Our set is fully pre-assembled and wired and is delivered ready to use. The filter can be disconnected completely so if you are going to replace it it is very easy to do so.

    The total length of our mini fan is 55 cm and is therefore easy to apply anywhere. Our silencer has a diameter of 125mm (12.5CM) and can be put directly through a tent or a closet.

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