BAC BioTablets ~ Fertilization Tablets

The BAC BioTablets consist of slow-acting fertilizers in combination with beneficial soil bacteria and natural humic acids.

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What is BAC BioTablets?

With the BAC BioTablets has 100% organic organic fertilizer tablets that are designed to fertilize new and existing plants. These BioTablets contain slow acting fertilizers combined with natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. These ingredients improve the quality of your substrate so the absorption of nutrients will be optimal, resulting in an exuberant growth and flowering of your crop. 

Benefits of BAC BioTablets

  • A better and natural alternative to slow release fertilizer tablets
  • Constant improvement and enrichment of soil life
  • Completely safe for your plants and cannot burn plant roots
  • Unabsorbed nitrogen is bound by soil bacteria and will therefore not wash out
    Tablets leave no residue and are easy to use
  • Suitable for houseplants, pot plants and hanging plants

Usage and Dosage

We recommend using the Biotablets in combination with Funky Fungi (mycorrizha) and the stimulators from BAC. The tablets should be pressed 2-5 centimeters into the soil near the roots and then you can water the plant.

  • 5 Liters of potting soil: 1 tablet
  • 10 Liters of potting soil: 2 tablets
  • 20 Liters of potting soil: 3 tablets
  • 30 Liters of potting soil: 3 tablets
  • 50 Liters of potting soil: 4 tablets
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