BAC CalMag V2.0 ~ Calcium Magnesium Addition

With the BAC CalMag you have a high-quality mix of calcium, magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that your crop needs.

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What is BAC CalMag?

With the BAC CalMag V2.0 you have a high quality mix of Calcium, Magnesium, iron and natural trace elements that provides your crop the extra need for calcium and magnesium. Prevent and correct deficiencies of Calcium(Ca) and Magnesium(Mg). Calcium and Magnesium are two important micro-elements for the development and growth of your crop. Suitable for all substrates. Calmag 2.0 is extremely suitable when using soft, demineralized and reverse osmosis water.

What does Calcium and Magnesium do?

Calcium is a crucial structural component of the cell walls, Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll molecule. This molecule is responsible for the production of the green pigment in the leaves, which results in a better absorption of energy from sunlight, creating sugars. This gives your crop the opportunity to grow and develop to its maximum potential.

Growing with CO2

When growing with extra CO2, Calcium and Magnesium are needed to keep your crop healthy and green. BAC CalMag combats calcium and magnesium deficiencies and also works to increase yields.

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