BAC Organic Grow Nutrient ~ Organic Basic Nutrient

With the organic growth fertilizer from BAC you ensure the optimal construction of the skeleton, the root system, growth shoots and the leaves of your crop.

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What is BAC Organic Growth nutrient?

With BAC Organic Growth Nutrition you have a specially developed organic growth nutrient that meets all the needs of your crop in the growth phase. By using the BAC Root Stimulator the micro-organisms are fed and created more rapidly, these micro-organisms ensure a direct availability of the necessary elements from BAC Bio Growth nutrient for your crop. In the growth phase of a plant there is an increased need for Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Calcium(Ca) and Magnesium(Mg). This organic growth nutrient provides your crop with what it actually needs, resulting in a faster and better development during the growth phase.

The focus in the growth phase is on stimulating root growth, the production of growth shoots and the overall foundation of your crop, in order to grow into a strong and dense crop. If BAC's products are used in combination, your crop will be more resistant to all sorts of diseases and any climate mistakes made by the grower.

By using the root stimulator and administering Funky Fungi(fungi), the beneficial micro-organisms are stimulated to a high degree. Due to the high content of trace elements and sugars, this fertilizer works harmoniously with the soil bacteria and mycorrhiza of BAC. This product contains Yuccah, a natural effluent that helps the fertilizer penetrate the soil well. Yuccah also contributes to a stable water balance in both full soil/coconut and pots.

NPK 7-2-3

  • 7.3 % total nitrogen (N) , phosphate 2.0 % (P)
  • Potassium oxide 2.5 % (K2O)
  • Ingredients : Ca,Cu,Fe,Mn,S,Zn

Dosage and usage

  • 10 - 20 ml per 10 liters of water.
  • Can be added to every watering.
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