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Biogreen BioGreen Heating Pad
BioGreen Heating Pad
    With the BioGreen Heating Pad you have a heating mat ideal for use under propagator's.

    Available in: 25 x 35 cm | 30 x 60 cm | 40 x 65 cm....
    Biogreen Biogreen Thermo2Digital - Summer / Winter Thermostat
      The ideal climate controller for your hobby breeding. Because of its double function, the thermostat can be used to control a heater in winter and a f...
      Biogreen BioGreen Aluminum Heating Mat
        With the BioGreen Aluminum Heating Mat, you have an aluminum mat that incorporates a heating cable that provides an ideal soil temperature.

        Biogreen BioGreen Heating Cable
        BioGreen Heating Cable
          With the BioGreen Heating Cable, you can easily heat the ground wherever you want.

          Available in: 4.3 meters | 6 meters | 10 meters | 25 meters....
          Biogreen BioGreen Jumbo Propagator with Heater
            With the BioGreen Jumbo Propagator with Heater, you have a heated propagator that helps your seedlings or cuttings germinate or root....