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Hortilight Hortilight ScrogMaster LED
    With a ScrogMaster it is possible to light up just above the crop, the ideal distance is 15cm. The light is optimally evenly distributed, creating the...
    Hortilight Hortilight LED Strip
      Hortilight's LED Strip Grow is an economical light source for lighting herbs, sprouts and seedlings.

      - Grow:
      9W | 14W | 18W
      - Bloom:
      Hortilight Hortilight LED Controller
        This LED Controller is suitable for several HortiLight LED grow lights, such as the Hortilight F50 or the Hortilight Spreader. With an RJ45 connection...
        Hortilight Hortilight LED Driver
          The LED Driver can drive multiple Hortilight LED Strips. The total Wattage of the LED Strips together must not exceed that of the driver.

          Hortilight Hortilight Spreader LED
            The Spreader from Hortilight is a LED grow light with passive cooling, equipped with many features for both the novice and the advanced hobby grower....
            Hortilight Hortilight F50 LED
              De Hortilight F50 is een geavanceerde LED kweeklamp met passieve koeling, voorzien van vele mogelijkheden voor zowel de beginnende als de professionel...
              Hortilight Hortilight ScrogMaster Controller ~ Basic  / Bluetooth
                Bedieningspaneel voor de ScrogMaster 1200

                Het Control Panel heeft een timer instelling en is te gebruiken als dimmer.
                Met een Bluetooth Controller...
                Hortilight Hortilight RJ Controller
                  With a HortiLight RJ Controller, the light intensity can be set per time unit to mimic sunset and sunrise. Up to 100 lights can be controlled with one...