Mammoth Prime Propagator 90 - 90x60x60cm

The Mammoth prime propagator 90 is a high quality pregrowth tent for growing seeds or cuttings, whether they are microgreens or sprouts this grow cabinet you will always have an ideal climate....More information
Product information
  • Article number: GSAMAMM0041

Mammoth - Pioneers in mobile climate rooms 

The Mammoth Prime Propagator 90 pregrowth grow tent is of very high quality. The tent is for growing seeds or cuttings, whether microgreens or sprouts this grow box you always have an ideal climate.

The new Prime series has a sturdier and more durable tent cloth than the previous series and has an improved zipper with optimal light-tightness. The tent is lined with lightweight material that is resistant to: heat, oil, grease, moisture and has extremely strong tear resistance. Inside, the tent is coated with a 190D Mylar silver layer, this ensures high light intensity.

Product specifications
  • Article number: GSAMAMM0041
  • Dimensions: 900 x 600 x 600
  • Volume: 0.32m3
  • Material: 190D Mylar
  • ----Doors----:
  • Voor: 1
  • Rear: None
  • Side: None
  • ----------------:
  • Windows: 2x - 300x200
  • Water tray: Removable
  • ----Inlaat/Uitlaat Ø----:
  • Layer: Single
  • Cable: 1x 76
  • Inlet: N/A
  • Outlet: 1x 152
  • Cool tube: None
  • ----------------:
  • ----Frame----:
  • Diameter Ø: 16
  • Thickness: 0.5
  • Material: Steel
  • ----------------:
  • Corner material: PP Copolymer
  • Hangers: 3
  • Hook: None
  • Straps: None
  • Chains: N/A
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