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Milwaukee maintenance solutions are designed to help you obtain reliable and repeatable readings while extending the life of your electrode.

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Maintain your meters

Milwaukee maintenance solutions are designed to help you obtain reliable and repeatable readings while extending the life of your electrode.


Rinse solution

Electrode rinse is ideal for use as an intermediate rinse between samples or calibration solutions to prevent cross-contamination. This rinse solution is also ideal for removing basic salt deposits on the probe or cap caused by evaporation of the storage solution. Salt deposits are normal, but should be removed before measurement or calibration. Electrode Rinse Fluid should not be used to replace cleaning or storage fluids.


Cleaning solution

Electrode cleaning solution prepared with high quality chemicals is ideal for cleaning all meter pH, ORP and TDS probes. To help maintain the high performance and accuracy of each electrode, regular cleaning is necessary to remove the accumulation of dirt and deposits on the glass or carbon surface of a measurement probe. Use cleaning fluid to extend the life of the meter's electrode. Electrode cleaning fluid is not a substitute for rinsing and or storage fluid.

The accuracy and speed of your results depend on your pH measuring bulb and ORP platinum tip being clean. pH and ORP electrodes also need a free flowing junction to function.
Milwaukee's cleaning solution helps both keep the sensor parts clean and the junction open.

Open the bottle, fill a beaker or container so that the level covers the sensor and junction, and soak for 15 to 20 minutes, followed by immersion in storage solution for at least 2 hours.


Storage solution

Electrode storage solution prepared with high quality chemicals to improve performance and extend the life of your pH and ORP electrodes, testers and pens.
To ensure a fast response and a free-flowing liquid connection, do not allow the sensor element and reference coupling to dry out. Properly storing your pH electrode in a solution will keep the glass membrane well hydrated, keeping it functioning properly and giving accurate readings.
MA9015 also helps keep the junction in your pH and ORP electrode liquid, which is essential for fast results.



  • Fundamental to the proper use of electrodes and to obtaining the most accurate and reproducible readings.
  • Specially formulated for rinsing, cleaning and storing electrodes
  • Factory mixed to precise standards in a special, temperature controlled environment.
  • Sealed against light with airtight, tamper-proof cap.
  • Simply open the rinsing and cleaning solution, insert the tester or electrode into the solution and stir gently, allow to soak for 15 minutes.
  • Simply open the storage solution and add to the cap of your electrode or tester.
  • Each package is marked with lot number and expiration date.
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