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Rogis Plan B is a high quality soil improver. Supplemented with minerals and hormones to ensure an ideal cultivation and health of the plants during the growth & flowering phase.

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Rogis - Upgrade Soil

Have you finished emptying your pots every time or do you want to upgrade poor soil? Rogis Plan B is the way to do this. Rogis Plan B is a high quality soil improver that is supplemented with plant phyto-minerals and ensures an ideal cultivation and health of your plants.

"Plan B. You've always got to have a Plan B." - Sylvester Stalone


  • Improves soil structure, crumbling and aeration in the soil;
  • Optimizes water availability for the plant;
  • Increases the buffer capacity of the soil;
  • Reduces nutrient leaching
  • Neutralizes soil
  • Stimulates root respiration and development and thus promotes vertical root development (better utilization of soil moisture);
  • Stimulates plant growth, plant enzymes and cell division in plants and bacteria;
  • Improves uptake of nutrients by the root system;
  • Improves quality and yield.



  • 100 grams on 25 liters of substrate / 400 per m2 of open ground.
  • Initial use with, for example, low-grade soil (such as a light mix)
  • At the end of each cycle, mix it with your current potting soil and/or coconut to prepare it for a new cycle.
  • Ingredients: Humic acids, rich in trace elements, Calcium, Magnesium and phytominerals.
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Jonas MuratoriPosted on January 15, 2021 16:43


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Rogis Rogis Plan B | Bodemverbeteraar
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