Surya 20 T8 Vegtube 120cm

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Suryas 20 T8 Vegtube emits a light of 14,000K, specially developed for cuttings and seedlings.

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Product information

    Surya 20 T8 Vegtube 120cm

    LED grow lights intended for use during the growing phase of crops usually emit light at a color temperature somewhere between 9,500 and 10,000 Kelvin. However, Suryas 20 T8 Vegtube emits a light of 14,000K, which means that Surya has placed the spectrum of this LED grow light significantly further into the blue light range. This makes the 20 T8 unique in its kind.
    This unusual spectrum has been specially developed for cuttings and seedlings.


    In addition to this unique spectrum, there are two other features that make the 20 T8 a popular LED grow light. First of all, the very low price together with the low electricity consumption. 1 Vegtube 20 T8 consumes only 20 Watt. The second advantage is that these lamps can be used in a so-called Daisy Chain. This means that the lamps can be connected in series, enabling a large number of lamps to be switched on and off from a single point.

    The Surya 20 T8 Vegtube is available in the length of 90 and there is also a variant available that is not intended for use in a Daisy Chain, but as an individual LED grow light. This Stand-alone version is specially designed for hobby growers. However, both versions meet the same IP65 standard which ensures that the product is waterproof.


    The low purchase price is due to the simple design and materials used. For example, all kinds of switches and knobs are missing to dim the brightness, while the suspension system consists of simple clips that you simply click into the tube. The LEDs used hardly generate heat, so that expensive cooling profiles are not necessary. Furthermore, the transparent parts are not made of expensive glass but of a strong, very transparent plastic material. An additional advantage of the latter is that the Surya 20 T8 Vegtube is resistant to knocks. The rest of the housing is made of aluminum. The 20 T8 Vegtube is a cheap but solid and very efficient LED grow light that you will enjoy for years to come.

    Note: the Stand Alone models are supplied without a plug. Plugs can be ordered separately.

    Product specifications
    • Burning hours: 50.000 + hours
    • Cooling: Passive
    • Micromols( μmol) / Watt: 198 μmol/m²/s (PPFD on 40 cm)
    • Minimum distance from plant: 30 cm
    • Spectrum: Grow
    • Power consumption: 20 Watt
    • Footprint: 30 x 120 cm
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