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Autopot AutoPot 1Pot
AutoPot 1Pot
    With the AutoPot 1Pot you have a self watering growing system that you do not have to worry about.

    Available in: 8 Pots | 12 Pots | 24 Pots | 48 Po...
    Autopot AutoPot 1Pot Extension Set
      The AutoPot 1Pot Expansion Set allows you to expand your 1Pot system on a per-pot basis....
      Autopot AutoPot PotDivider
        The AutoPot PotDivider allows you to divide your 8.5 or 15 gallon pot into quarters, allowing you to put several smaller plants in one pot....
        Autopot 1Pot & Easy2Grow Disc
          AutoPot's Disc's for the 1Pot and Easy2Grow systems keep your roots out of the system.

          Available in: Marix Root Disc & Anti Root Disc....
          Autopot AutoPot 1Pot Tray with Lid
            The Tray with lid for the 1Pot pots allows you to expand your 1Pot system or replace a broken one....