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Autopot AutoPot 1Pot
AutoPot 1Pot
    With the AutoPot 1Pot you have a self watering growing system that you do not have to worry about.

    Available in: 8 Pots | 12 Pots | 24 Pots | 48 Po...
    Autopot AutoPot PotDivider
      The AutoPot PotDivider allows you to divide your 8.5 or 15 gallon pot into quarters, allowing you to put several smaller plants in one pot....
      Autopot 1Pot & Easy2Grow Disc
        AutoPot's Disc's for the 1Pot and Easy2Grow systems keep your roots out of the system.

        Available in: Marix Root Disc & Anti Root Disc....
        Autopot AutoPot 1Pot Extension Set
          The AutoPot 1Pot Expansion Set allows you to expand your 1Pot system on a per-pot basis....
          Autopot AutoPot 1Pot Tray with Lid
            The Tray with lid for the 1Pot pots allows you to expand your 1Pot system or replace a broken one....