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BAC BAC Foliar Spray
    With BAC Leaf Nutrition, you have a foliar nutrient and a plant enhancer in one....
    Gout Gout Bio Bug Kill
      With the Gout Bio Bug Kill you have a biological pesticide, foliar nutrition and plant enhancer in one.

      Available in: 5 liter....
      Aptus Aptus Nutri Spray
        Aptus Nutri Spray is used as a foliar fertilizer that provides essential microelements throughout the growth cycle.

        Available in: 50ml and 150ml....
        F-Max F-Max Amino Nutri Spray
          With the F-Max Amino Nutri Spray you have a unique dip and foliar nutrition made from L-amino acids and seaweed extracts.

          Available in: 100ml & 250...