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Aptus Aptus Topbooster
    The Topbooster from Aptus has all active substances that stimulate the formation of flowers. The Topbooster is a combination of a bloom and finishstim...
    Bio Nova Bio Nova X-cel
      With the Bio Nova X-cell you have a growth and flowering stimulator that is made of plant extracts.

      Available in: 250ml, 1 liter and 5 liters....
      F-Max F-Max Top Factor
        With the F-Max Top Factor you have a powerful bloom stimulator based on 20 Amino and L-amino acids.

        Available in: 100ml | 250ml | 500ml | 1 liter ...
        Hortifit Hortifit PK Superboost
        Hortifit PK Superboost
          With the Hortifit PK Superboost you have an ideal enriched phosphorus-potassium booster.

          Available in: 1 liter and 5 liter....
          No Mercy Supply No Mercy Supply | GA-Special Spray
            With the GA-Special Spray from No Mercy Supply you have a bloom stimulator that makes your plants bloom more fully and exuberantly.

            Available in: 1...
            BAC BAC Bloom Stimulator
              With the BAC Bloom Stimulator you stimulate the multiplication of micro-organisms in your substrate, resulting in a better absorption and transport of...
              Geni Geni Powder
              Geni Powder
                With the Geni Powder you have a bloom stimulator in powder form that stimulates your crop to enter a second flowering phase.

                Available in: 5 bags o...
                Geni Geni Top Viagra
                  With the Geni Top Viagra you stimulate your crop to enter a second flowering phase.

                  Available in: 1 liter | 2.5 liter | 5 liter....
                  BioGreen BioGreen X-Bloom
                    With the BioGreen X-Bloom you have a bloom stimulator that ensures explosive growth of the flowers or fruits.

                    Available in: 1 liter & 5 liter....
                    BioGreen BioGreen PK 13-14
                      With the BioGreen PK 13-14 you have a very effective early-flowering additive, this product has been formulated with the best raw materials after year...
                      F-Max F-Max XL-Cel
                        With the F-Max XL-Cel you have a flowering and maturing stimulator that promotes the transport of sugars, resulting in more compact, sweeter, fragrant...
                        Hy-Pro Hy-Pro Epic Bloom Terra
                          With the Hy-Pro Epic Bloom Terra you have a bloom stimulator that consists of a balanced mix of minerals and trace elements based on chelates.