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Geni Geni Bloom Booster
Geni Bloom Booster
    The Geni Bloom Booster is a PK booster that provides your crop with phosphates and potassium during the flowering phase.

    Available in: 1 liter | 5 ...
    BAC BAC F1 Extreme Booster
    BAC F1 Extreme Booster
      With the BAC F1 Extreme Booster you have a very highly concentrated booster that provides a strong increase in smell, taste and at the same time ensur...
      BioGreen BioGreen Flower Boost
      BioGreen Flower Boost
        With the BioGreen Flower Boost you have a powerful PK booster in powder form for the last stage of your crop.

        Available in: Box of 6 Bags....
        BAC BAC Bio PK Booster
        BAC Bio PK Booster
          With the BAC Organic PK Booster you have a booster that ensures an exuberant sugar formation in your crop, it also has a positive influence on the tas...