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Plagron Plagron Alga Bloom
Plagron Alga Bloom
    Alga Bloom is used in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic nutrient specially designed for growing on soil.

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    Plagron Plagron Terra Grow
      Terra Grow is a very concentrated mineral base nutrient, to be used in the growing phase of the plant.

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      Plagron Plagron Terra Bloom
        Terra bloom is a highly concentrated mineral nutrient, to be used in the flowering phase of the plant.

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        Plagron Plagron Top Grow Box
          With the Plagron Top Grow Box you have everything you need for growing on 1m2. The Plagron Top Grow Box contains all basic nutrients, additives and th...
          Dutch Pro Dutch Pro Multi Total
            With the Dutch Pro Multi Total you support the most important processes to improve the optimization of nutrients.

            Available in: 250ml, 1 Liter and...
            DrFertigo DrFertigo Humitine | Organic Soil Upgrade |
              DrFertigo Humitine is a high quality soil improver that ensures optimal growth and health of the plants during the growth and flowering phase.