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    With the BAC X-Seed you have an excellent means to promote the germination of seeds, it is also a root and growth stimulator.

    Available in: 10ml an...
    BAC BAC Silica Power
      With the Silica Power from BAC you have a silicon plant booster for the entire cycle.

      Available in: 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liters....
      Gout Gout Bio Bug Kill
        With the Gout Bio Bug Kill you have a biological pesticide, foliar nutrition and plant enhancer in one.

        Available in: 5 liter....
        Ferro Ferro Bio Roots
          With the Ferro Bio Roots you have a unique root stimulator that ensures a good and healthy root system.

          Available in: 1 liter & 5 liter....
          Gout Gout Silicon
          Gout Silicon
            With the Gout Silicon you have a silicon addition that strengthens your plant.

            Available in: 1 liter....
            Bio Nova Bio Nova Silution
              With the Bio Nova Silution you have a vegetable and biologically active product that has positive effects on your crop.

              Available in: 250ml, 1 lit...
              Geni Geni Silicon
                With the Geni Silicon you have a plant enhancer that strengthens your crop in multiple areas.

                Available in: 250ml | 500 ml | 1 liter....
                BAC BAC Pro-Active
                  With the BAC Pro-Active, you have a biological plant enhancer.

                  Available in: 120ml, 500ml en 1 liter....
                  Ferro Ferro Deon
                  Ferro Deon
                    With the Ferro Deon you not only ensure fungal and bacteria-free plants, but also good growth in the initial phase of your crop.

                    Available in: 500...