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Blumat Blumat Tensiometer
Blumat Tensiometer
    The Blumat Tensiometer helps to determine the optimal moment of watering.

    Choice between: Standard | XL 43cm...
    Blumat Blumat watering system set
      With the Blumat watering system, the plant is automatically supplied with water according to individual needs.

      - 12 pcs(3mtr)
      - 40 pc...
      Blumat Blumat T-Connector
      Blumat T-Connector
        The Blumat T-Piece allows you to create branch lines in your Blumat drip systems.

        Available in: 3mm | 8mm | 8-3mm....
        Blumat Blumat Maxi Set
        Blumat Maxi Set
          Blumat Maxi set for deep pots from 30cm in diameter and 25cm height....
          Blumat Blumat Bottle adapter
            Simple watering system with a fixed water delivery of 0.2 or 0.3 liters per day.

            - Standard | 0.2ltr / 24h | 1 piece
            - XL | 0.3ltr / 2...
            Blumat Blumat strut for dripper
              With the Blumat strut for dripper you can anchor your divider or 8mm hose in the ground....
              Blumat Blumat Connector
              Blumat Connector
                The Blumat Connector allows you to easily connect your Blumat hoses together.

                Available in: 3mm | 8mm....
                Blumat Blumat Water Barrel Grommet
                  With the Blumat Water Barrel Grommet, you can easily connect your 8mm water pipe to your water barrel....
                  Blumat Blumat Crane Pressure Reducer
                    The Blumat tap pressure reducer allows you to connect an 8mm water pipe directly from your tap....
                    Blumat Blumat Crane Coupling
                      The Blumat Crane Coupling allows you to shut off the supply hose during operations or changes....
                      Blumat Blumat Elbow 8mm
                      Blumat Elbow 8mm
                        Blumat's Elbow allows you to add knee pieces to your Blumat drip system.

                        Available in: 1 Piece | 3 Pieces....
                        Blumat Blumat Supply hose 8mm
                          The Blumat Supply Hose allows you to customize your own drip system.

                          Available in: 10 meter | 50 meter | 100 meter....
                          Blumat Blumat Drip Hose 3mm 100 meters
                            The Blumat Drip Hose 3mm 100 meters allows you to customize the drip hose for your drip system....
                            Blumat Blumat try-set 5mtr 5-piece set
                              In Blumat automatic irrigation system and to individual needs of the plant with water....
                              Blumat Blumat Endpiece 8~3mm
                                With the Blumat Endpiece 8~3mm you have the connection for on the end of your 8mm water hose to your last Blumat Sensor....
                                Blumat Blumat Divider
                                Blumat Divider
                                  The Blumat Dividers allow you to expand your Blumat system by one Blumat or to distribute more evenly....
                                  Blumat Loose sensor with hose and tee for the Blumaset
                                    Loose sensor with hose and tee for the Blumaset...